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Computational Clusters:
The High Performance Computing service provides a serial and parallel computing facility in support of research activity within the IITGN community. It is part of the System Administration Vertical within Information Systems and Technology Facility. The service is comprised of the Vega cluster and two high-end nodes known for the Cuda Teaching Center.

VEGA: This is a newly installed High Perfomance Computing Cluster (HPCC) of Fujitsu make with 8.8 TFlops (Peak) and 7.4 TFlops (Sustained).

NODEX: These are three high-end nodes which are being used for computational purposes with Garuda access. Click Here to know more.

Through this site, researchers can review the systems and services that are available, find documentation and training materials and obtain the user service and support needed to conduct computational studies on the systems.

Resources How to Apply
The HPCC has one master node with Intel dual six-core processor, 48GB RAM and 8 compute nodes each with Intel dual eight-core processor and 64GB RAM. Additionally, the cluster has two GPU nodes each with Intel eight-core processor and NVIDIA K20Xm Tesla cards with 2688 CUDA cores. The storage of the HPCC is equipped with Dual-Controller based SAN and has a usable capacity of 25TB that connects to the master node through I/O nodes. The internode communication takes place through the Infiniband backbone and Gigabyte Ethernet Switch. Read More The cluster has one login node called the master node, through which the user can access the cluster and submit jobs. The machine is accessible for login using ssh from inside IITGN network. Students (BTech, MTech and PhD) and research staff interested in using these resources must raise a New Request type ticket in IMS and make sure that the ticket gets approved by his/her respective supervisor in IMS followed by the ISTF Convener approval.

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