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Computational Resources for External Usage @HPCLab in IITGN

Access to our High Performance Computing (HPC) Facility is granted to external users (Academic/Research organizations and Industry only) through a Committee.

The Proposal from the user should reflect the

  • Technical Details of specific facility needed & its duration
  • Brief scientific narration of their proposed work

Please send your detailed proposal to support.hpc@iitgn.ac.in

Based on the review outcome and feasibility consideration of our facility, we will allocate computer resources.

Obtaining the HPC Account

  • Once the proposal is reviewed, accepted and approved by the committee, the user may download, fillup the HPC application form ink-sign, scan it and email us.
  • Thereafter a unique group/user name will be created for the external user and associated user(s) and thereafter the user credentials would be sent in reply-email.

Usage Policy



  • Email: support.hpc@iitgn.ac.in

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