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  • General conditions of use

    Use of HPC resources is subject to the usage rules of the Information System Technology Facility (ISTF) and the privacy policies provided by Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar (IITGN) and updated from time to time. All users need to agree to abide by these rules.

  • Access to HPC Cluster
    • The cluster can be accessed using our Virtual Private Network(VPN) or SSH. The user needs to download the VPN client, enter the VPN username & password to enter the IITGN network and thereafter login to the HPC cluster. For this, a seperate VPN credentials would be created and sent to the user. Otherwise the user would be provided with a Public IP, username, password and SSH-keys to login
    • Once logged in, they can browse the hostname or IP in their browser and login with their given HPC cluster credentials; They must use terminal or putty to submit jobs.
    • To upload input file and download output files, the user need to use Secure-copy(scp)
  • HPC Resource Limit Policy
    • Submission of jobs through a Job Scheduler using of appropriate queuing system is mandatory
    • Users are not suppose to use more than 16 processesors or one node at any given point of time
    • The batch manager has been configured in such a way that the jobs running for more than 48 hours would automatically get terminated; in such cases there are chances of data loss of the input or output files, whose responsibility does not lie with IITGN.
  • Storage policies
    • User space is limited on the home directory file system (/home) to 100 GB per Supervisor_grp.
    • The contents of this file system are not backed up, meaning that damaged or accidentally deleted files cannot be restored. Thus user is responsible to backup their data over scp in their personal storage devices.
  • Workload Batch Managers
    • Different queuing system has been defined through a scheduler (SLURM) in the cluster and proper usage of the same would assign a slot to the submitting job. Please contact support.hpc@iitgn.ac.in for more queries.
  • Qualified Users
    • Accounts will be granted to only faculty or researcher or students or industry professionals nominated by faculty consistent with the priorities set for the use of centre HPC resources.
    • HPC usage will be tracked by association with the principal investigator for which access has been approved and granted.
  • Publications
    • Any form of publication and presentations, including webpages, results from work done on HPC machines should acknowledge that the computation for the work described in this paper was supported by the IITGN's HPC Lab.
    • Copies of published papers acknowledging HPC should be submitted for inclusion on the HPC project website, under the publications page.
    • Be sure to include complete publication information (i.e, a URL, PDF, or PS file of the actual publication) and indicate if there are any restrictions on publication. Compliance with this policy will be a factor in the evaluation of account renewals.
  • Costs overview - The Current usage rates



    Academic/Research Organization *


    Category of users


    Student #


    One time setup & installation charges

    Rs. 1000/- only
    (includes account creation & software installation, if any)


    Rs. 250/- only
    (includes account creation & software installation, if any)


    Rs. 2500/- only
    (includes account creation & software installation, if any)


    Computational Cost

     Re.1.00 per
    1 computational hr

    25 paise per
    1 computational hr

     Rs.2.50 per
    1 computational hrs

    * Includes all IITs, NITs, Government Colleges and Universities, IISERs, NISERs.  Users from IITGN need not to pay anything
    # Includes undergraduate and postgraduate students, research scholars/fellows and Post-Docs only.

  • Payment
    • Payment can be made in two ways: (i) Cash and (ii) Paytm.
      Cash: Cash can be directly submitted to IITGN Main Account, before starting the project.
      A scan copy of the voucher must be accompanied with the application form.
    • Paytm: This facility is also available for the account of IITGN
      A requisition form and 100% payment should be submitted at least 15 days prior to starting of the project.
      A copy of the e-recipt must be accompanied with the application form.

      The bank details are as follows:
      Name of Account : Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar
      Name of Bank : Canara Bank
      Name of Branch : IIT Gandhinagar Branch
      Address of Bank : Palaj, Gandhinagar
      Account No : 1414101052590
      Branch Code : 005159
      IFS/ RTGS Code : CNRB0005159
      MCIR Code : 380015052
  • Policy Violations
    • If it has been determined that you have violated any of the HPC resource policies, or any other ISTF computing policies, your account(s) will be deactivated immediately and an email would be sent to the user regarding the same.
    • Your account will not be reactivated until HPC management receives a formal request with an acceptable justification from the primary/project investigator.
    • In case of disagreement in this matter, the judgement of the Director, IITGN shall be final and binding on all concerned.
  • Getting Help
    • If the user has any question or concerns regarding any of these policies, s/he send an email to support.hpc@iitgn.ac.in with screenshots in support of the issues.
    • Assistance will be limited to troubleshooting of cluster related issues and installation of the software or code. Please be generous to share any installation notes or README available for the same.
    • Please be patient and expect reply only during business hours.

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