IIT Gandhinagar

Roddam Narasimha Distinguished Seminar Series



The Roddam Narasimha Seminar Series has been set up at IIT Gandhinagar to honor one of India's eminent scientists and engineers. It will provide a forum for mid-career distinguished professionals to be invited to IITGN to present their work in a topical area of National Importance. Seminars are planned in the areas of Energy, National Security, Space, Infrastructure Development, Healthcare Engineering and other emerging areas. Invited speakers shall share their knowledge and experiences gathered while being involved in one of the facets: fundamental science, applied engineering and technology, policy development, or entrepreneurship. They will be honored with a memento and honorarium for their continued pursuit of such activities. The seminar web site at IITGN will be a repository of the presentations made by the invited speakers as part of the seminar series.


Professor Roddam Narasimha holds a PhD from the California Institute of Technology where he worked with Professor Hans Liepmann, and a Masters from Indian Institute of Science where he worked with Professor Satish Dhawan. Narasimha’s research has been chiefly concerned with Aerospace Fluid Dynamics and certain related problems in the atmosphere.He is the author of more than 200 research publications and fifteen books. He has served on the National Security Advisory Board and the Scientific Advisory Committee to the Prime Minister’s Cabinet. Professor Narasimha has been widely honoured for his research work as well as his scientific leadership. In India his distinctions include the Bhatnagar Prize, the Gujarmal Modi Award and the Padma Vibhushan, the second highest civilian honor accorded by the Government. He is a Fellow of the National Academies of Science and Engineering and an Honorary Fellow of the Aeronautical Society of India. He is a Distinguished Alumnus of both Caltech and IISc.


Further details about Prof. Roddam Narasimha's profile can be found here and details about upcoming seminars in this series can be found here